Barren landscapes make a solemn backdrop for mid-journey right here (opens in new tab) The AI ​​predicts what the “final selfie ever taken” will seem like. The surroundings is adorned with indomitable fireplace, and thick, darkish smoke pervades the air. Whether or not it is wooden smoke, industrial air pollution, or an outright nuclear winter is not clear, however the sinister figures capturing the second plead, “Assist us.”

No smile or duckface right here. Their eyes are hole, their pores and skin turns into puckered, peeled, or non-existent. Particles is scattered within the background and I can solely guess that they’re our bodies. The message is obvious: If we do not settle ourselves that is the place our trajectory will take us.

MidJourney's predictions of 'the last selfie ever taken'.

(Picture credit score: MidJourney)

Not essentially the most constructive observe to begin the day, however poignant nonetheless.

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