Depreciation: The subject of depreciation is of extra significance in JAIIB examination. After we undergo the examination evaluation we will see that many questions seem from depreciation. From the examination perspective, candidates can not ignore this subject. Each idea of depreciation ought to be on the candidate’s finish. In JAIIB examination, many theoretical questions and case research are requested from the depreciation part. So all of the JAIIB / CAIIB aspirants should keep up to date with this subject. On this article, now we have supplied helpful notes for the subject of depreciation. These notes shall be actually useful in preparation as it’ll give an outline of depreciation.

Depreciation: Definition

a actual property worth drop trigger put on and tear, And getting previous referred to as depreciation. Latin phrase for depreciation. Was taken from “dipritium” Which implies depreciate or depreciate, Property are revenue producing items or have a resale worth. Property utilized in enterprise for a couple of accounting 12 months are referred to as Actual property, Machine depreciation is included within the working price. Many of the property loses its worth however solely the worth of the land and previous work respect.

Depreciation: Causes

Depreciation happens due to some causes and the primary causes are listed under.

  • Injury After regular use of any merchandise we will see put on and tear in them which ultimately results in depreciation.
  • move / passage of timeAs time passes, the worth of an asset decreases, even when it isn’t in use.
  • lower in market worthMarket circumstances scale back the market worth of the asset or there could also be much less demand for that individual asset.
  • getting previousAn asset is not in use when there’s one other invention and when the demand is completely modified.

want for depreciation

It’s stated that depreciation is required and the primary causes for the necessity for depreciation are given under.

  • Understanding the proper advantages
  • To get the proper monetary situation
  • To make provision for substitute of property

Elements Required for Calculating Depreciation

The information given right here is important for computing depreciation.

  • precise worth of the property
  • Estimated scrap worth and is calculated when the lifetime of the asset is over and the asset shall be bought.
  • Approximate years the asset shall be used

Depreciation: Strategies

Depreciation is calculated in varied methods and a few of the strategies are talked about right here:

  • straight line method- Within the straight line technique, depreciation is calculated on the unique worth of the asset which incorporates the set up and transportation worth however doesn’t think about the estimated lifetime of the asset.

Depreciation = Authentic Worth of the asset – Scrap Worth

  • Written Down Worth Technique (WDV) or Declining Steadiness Technique- Within the declining steadiness technique, depreciation is charged at a hard and fast price on the diminishing steadiness. In some instances the written down worth technique known as the installment discount technique.

Depreciation = Final Yr Worth * Proportion Fee

  • Yr Sum Quantity Technique- On this technique the estimated lifetime of an asset is taken into account. Then it’s counted again to 1 after which all of the digits are added up.
  • Double Decline Steadiness Depreciation Technique- The double declining steadiness depreciation technique is just like the declining steadiness technique. The proportion price mounted on this technique is twice the speed used within the straight line technique.

Depreciation = Web E-book Worth * Depreciation Fee

Depreciation Questions Requested in JAIIB Examination

Instructions (1-2): Reply the next questions based mostly on the data given under.
The steadiness within the accrued provision of depreciation account of an organization originally of the 12 months 2020-2021 is Rs. 2,00,000 when the unique price of the property is Rs. 10,00,000. The corporate expenses a full 10% depreciation on a straight line foundation for all belongings which have both been purchased or bought in the course of the 12 months. The price of one such property is Rs. 5,00,000 with accrued depreciation originally of the 12 months of Rs. 1,00,000 have been settled in the course of the 12 months.
Q1. There’s depreciation for the present 12 months.
(a) Rs. 40,000
(b) Rs. 50,000
(c) Rs. 60,000
(d) Rs. 1,00,000
Reply: (D)
Query 2. The steadiness within the accrued depreciation account on the finish of the 12 months would be the quantity considering the depreciation expenses for the present 12 months.
(a) Rs. 2,20,000
(b) Rs. 1,50,000
(c) Rs. 1,20,000
(d) Rs. 2,50,00

Reply: (b)

Q3. earlier than and . By which technique is the depreciation larger in the course of the interval?
2nd 12 months?
(a) straight line technique
(b) double degradation technique
(c) written technique
(d) Solar of numeral technique

Reply: (b)

Query 4. depreciation is charged

(a) immovable property

(b) present belongings

(c) Capital

(d) funding

Reply: (One)

Query 5. Which of the next assertion is fallacious?

(a) Depreciation is part of working price

(b) Depreciation is a non-cash expense

(c) depreciation is charged on the present asset

(d) all are fallacious

Reply: (C)

Depreciation Definition, Methods, Factors & FAQs in JAIIB Exam_60.1

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FAQ: Depreciation

Q.1 What is supposed by depreciation?

Reply. Depreciation is the lower within the worth of mounted belongings on account of put on and tear, passage of time and obsolescence.

Q.2 What are the primary causes for depreciation?

Reply. The principle causes of depreciation are put on and tear, passage of time, lower in market worth and obsolescence.

Q.3 Why do we’d like depreciation?

Reply. We’d like depreciation to know true revenue, to point out appropriate monetary place and to make provision for substitute of asset.

Q.4 What are the various kinds of depreciation?

Reply. Various kinds of depreciation are straight line technique, declining steadiness technique, double declining steadiness technique.

Depreciation Definition, Methods, Factors and Questions Asked in JAIIB Exam_70.1

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